Mr. Louis D. Valenzuela was born on New Year's Day,1963, in Eloy, Arizona. He grew up in Barrio Libre of South Tucson. Mr. Valenzuela is one of two brothers and seven sisters. He graduated from Cholla High School in 1981 and attended the Chicago Art Institute in 1984  to 1985.
While attending the Chicago Art Institute, the scene exposed him to a variety of art styles and periods, but he never strayed far from his Yoeme roots. As an enrolled member of the Yoeme Tribe, he is actively involved in Yoeme ceremonial life. Mr. Valenzuela has learned the color palette and how to mix paints, and paints his polyform sculptures of Yoeme themes that included the pascola, deer dancer, and matachines. He began carving pascola masks in the late 1980s but painted Yoeme themes on wood and canvas prior. He also made polyform pascola and deer dancer figures.
Mr. Valenzuela has stated, "Over time, carving has grown more into me and who I have to be for my culture. It is important to me to mentor Yoeme youths. I am honored to be teaching the youths about my craft and telling them that they can achieve whatever they want in life - without drugs and alcohol“ and also states "Each wood that is utilized talks to him and image appears on what it wants to be."